Today was the first last day of classes…if you can follow that. This morning I had my last square dancing class and last Bible class. Tomorrow I will finish up classes with my last days of Children’s literature, reading, math, and instructional design. While finals, two papers, a group project, and UVP’s christmas concert are still ahead of me, it isn’t hard to look forward to the fact hat in less than a week I will be home and done with fall semester of my junior year. Looking back at the semester a lot of things have happened, but it seems like only yesterday that it was move in day. It is absolutely astounding to me that I have completed over half of my college career.

I am looking so forward to going home again and being with family, friends, and relaxation. After having Thanksgiving only a short time ago and talking to a number of my friends who are finishing up their finals this week, I am super excited to have an even longer break. Trying to figure out all of my plans for break it looks like I am going to have a very busy time at home, but I still cannot wait. Having no school work to do and being able to be home and visit and catch up with people is more than enough. While Messiah is getting ready to wrap up the semester and begin getting ready for Christmas, I hope you all have a great one. Christmas is the perfect time to relax and be with friends and family. I wish all of you a great, safe, healthy, and happy holiday with the ones that you love.