I am writing to you from a cold and rainy Messiah. This weekend is homecoming and the weather isn’t looking to get any better. It is really upsetting that such a big weekend at our campus is going to clouded over by gross weather. Homecoming is big at any school any year, but this year is Messiah’s Centennial homecoming making this weekend even bigger. There are so many events planned, it is crazy.With allĀ  of the reunions, dinners, arts performances, athletic events, etc. etc. planned the list is almost never ending and the campus is sure to be buzzing all weekend long.

I am planning on helping out with Lil’ Falcon Zone again tomorrow which is a carnival that the Alumni Association holds for children (especially Alumnus’s kids) that come to visit Messiah for the weekend. I helped out with this event last year too and it was a bunch of fun. It is always fun working with kids and I’m sure a number of the kids at the carnival are visiting Messiah and seeing it as an exciting “vacation” of sorts making it even more exciting for them. Thank goodness that they have moved the event to inside instead of in Starry parking lot because of the weather. Even though I’m sure it would still be fun no matter where it was help, it will definitely be a much more enjoyable experience now that it will be held inside Hitcock away from the rain and cold.

I’m excited to see what all the weekend holds. Being home last weekend for IUP’s homecoming was filled with excitement for the most part, I just hope that Messiah’s is even better (and my now fixed car will not brake down again when I go to bring it back to campus).