Wow, time flies.  I just looked at my blog and the last time I wrote was the end of summer.  I cannot believe that we are half way though the semester already.  I have been so busy at work, blogging completely slipped my mind.

Now, let me think about these past few months.  Why have I been so busy?  Well, I have been taking a few challenging courses, working 10-15 hours a week, and commuting from home.  It can be difficult, balancing time with my family and friends.  My dad seems to enjoy having me home more often.  Although, my studies seem to be taking a little more time than planned.

Some of my favorite classes this semester are Marketing Research, Photography I (dark room), and Typography (Graphics Design I).  I will scan in some of my photos that I have developed some day to show.  These classes have challenged me, but I appreciate the challenge.  I am learning more than I ever expected.  I have already learned three new programs this semester for my Graphics class!  I will also attach a piece that I just finished, it is my self-portrait created out of text.

But, other than class I am busy catching up with friends and sleeping.  I am looking forward to the weekend, we have some big soccer games on campus and I have been invited to a few Halloween/fall parties.  Volleyball game tonight at 5:00, can’t wait!

made out of text

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