Christmas is around the corner but I have not really thought about it too much. For me and all of the other Messiah students, we are busy trying to finish out the semester and prepare for final exams. Everyone seems to be running around crazy, we have so much on our minds sometimes it is hard to even begin. My mind races at night and I dream of spreadsheets. There is something about the end of the semester that makes all students go a little crazy. So that is my pathetic excuse for not keeping up with blogging.

I have attached a link to an article written about me. It was written for Messiah’s Bridge Online. It was very well written but I wanted to mention a small misunderstanding. My cousin (Shauna) was my roommate sophomore year and we decorated our dorm room in the pink and blue theme. My other cousin (Alyssa) was our inspiration for putting our room on Rate My Space. Her junior year room is pictured with colors of green and black. This year (my Junior year) I am living in an apartment and I have not placed photos on Rate My Space, although I will attach pictures to my blog later.

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