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Hey everyone…

Sorry that it took so long to update our blog…since getting back from our trip life has just been crazy!!  Im going to talk about our last two days in New York and our two interviews that we did.  Chris gave us some really good advise…he told us to do what we want to do and what makes us happy…dont do something that others are pushing you into…do what you want and feel is right in your heart!!  Chris took us for a tour of most of the airport but it is so big you just cant see it all! We are very thankful for Chris showing us everything and taking time out of his schedule for us to interview him!!  We then interviewed Laura’s cousin steve whom we were staying with in nyc.  Steve is an international lawyer and works for a large company and travels all over the world. The business that he works for has offices in many different countries.  He went to Dickenson college and the got his law degree from Georgetown.  It was interesting to talk to him about law school and why we should and should not go to law school. I was neat to get his prospective on living in the city and being a lawyer in NYC. Thanks so much to steve and kelley for letting us stay with them and thanks to steve for letting us interview him as well.  This road trip was amazing and it really helped both laura and i to know what we want to do for our career paths in the future.  THank you to every0ne who made this trip possible!!! It was a great experince and a one and a lifetime oppritunity!!! THANKS EVERYONE!!!!


The Final Leg of Our Journey!

Hey Hey!

I know you have been dying to hear about the final leg of our journey so here it goes.  The National Crime and Punishment Museum was one of the best museums Jos and I have ever been to.  It had information on every era of crime.  Did you know that Bonnie, from the infamous due Bonnie and Clyde, was actually an honor student and probably stood no taller than five feet tall?! I didn’t! At the museum they had every display a criminal justice student would be interested in.  We got to see what blood and saliva would look like under a black light and what a true Coroner’s Office might look like.  Though I must say from experience at my internship, that we don’t use tools like they showed in the display case anymore!  Then towards the end of our tour we got to take part in a criminal simulation which included driving a pretend police car.  To complete our tour we got to solve a mini crime and see the set up from America’s Most Wanted.

After our amazing tour of the Crime and Punishment Museum we walked along the Mall and bought some space ice cream (one of the best treats ever!!!).  Unfortunately the weather wasn’t very nice all day long but that didn’t stop us from visiting one of the most emotional places in D.C., Arlington National Cemetery.   I had seen the cemetery when I was young but did not have the ability to comprehend what I was viewing and Jos had never seen it.  So I thought it would be important for us to visit Arlington in memory of all those who had served our country.  While at Arlington we got to see a display that was made in honor of all the women who had served their country which meant a lot to both Jos and I.  Then we visited President JFK’s grave and got the amazing opportunity to see the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  After our great tour of Washington D.C. we headed home to Joslyn’s Aunt and Uncle’s house where thankfully dinner was waiting.  Before bed we gathered our things together because we knew we would be leaving early the next day to go to New York City.

The next day we left a little later than planned for New York but we couldn’t help but be happy because of the amazing weather outside.  It was the first day we had gotten to see the sun on our trip and we were extremely excited.  Unfortunately as we got closer and closer to the city the clouds began to gather again.  We were so bummed but that didn’t keep us from extensively touring the city when we arrived.  The first day was a little daunting with the constant honking of horns and crazy taxi drivers.  Also we found it somewhat hard to find our way around and didn’t get to see half of what we wanted to.  We weren’t too upset though because we got to walk down 5th Avenue, eat real New York Pizza and walk down the street next to Hank Azaria (an actor from the Bird Cage and Night at the Museum 2). 

Our second day we managed to find our way around, thanks mostly to Joslyn and my cousin and his wife.  We got to have two amazing interviews with a U.S. Custom and Border Control agent and an International Lawyer.  We also got the opportunity to see the Statue of Liberty, have another slice of New York pizza, and tour Times Square!!!  Our last day was made even better because we had a full day of sun and warm weather!  Although we had a great last day we were happy to leave the city and the constant sound of sirens.  Also we were enthusiastic about getting to have our own personal space back, especially after a five o’clock ride on the New York subway!  Our trip was amazing and we are thankful to all those who made it possible! Tune in tomorrow for our favorite moments from our trip and what we learned in our two last interviews!




Hello Hello!!!

Come back tomorrow and see the final episode in our trip!!!! Also I will have more pictures up for you to see!!!!



Update on Rainy Days Gone By


I promised that I would update you on our trips to the Baltimore Harbor and Washington D.C.  So here it goes!

After our interview with John, Joslyn and I decided it would be fun to head to Baltimore Harbor for some good food and awesome tourist attractions.  The only downside was that it was rainy and the sun was no where to be seen.  At first this put a damper (no pun in tended) on our spirits but let me tell you it was an amazing day!  When we arrived at the Harbor our tummies were growling with hunger so we decided to hit up the best restaurant in town…Hard Rock!  Mr. Gnome was very grumpy indeed and so we thought we would cheer him up with a plate of nacho chips.  He was all smiles when we were done with our meals.  Jos and I were stuffed to the gills, so we thought it would be a good idea to go to the Aquarium and walk around.  Unfortunately tickets were a little expensive but we thought, why not, it would be a grrrrrreat learning experience.  After we paid for our tickets we went inside and began an amazing tour of the aquarium.  We got to see so many underwater animals including stingrays, sharks, a three flippered sea Turtle (named Calypso), baby seahorses, and jellyfish.  At the end of our tour which also included snakes, frogs, and various rain forest birds we had the opportunity to go to the dolphin show.  Joslyn and I were sooooo excited for this part of our tour and needless to say we enjoyed it immensely.  No one can tell me dolphins aren’t smart, you should have seen all of the tricks they did!  We were so happy when we left because we had managed to escape getting wet, unfortunately this didn’t last long.  Why you ask? Well our tour also included an interactive 4-D movie and part of it included getting sprayed with water, being poked, prodded, feeling the wind whip through our hair and having bubbles and snow blown around us.  I thought it was a first-rate experience but Joslyn thought otherwise.  Evidently she finds it unpleasant to be taken by surprise with water being sprayed in your face and getting prodded in the back.  I shrieked many times but I found the experience quite hilarious.  After our “scary” experience at the 4-D theater Jos and I decided it was time to do some shopping.  So we hit up all the shops at Inner Harbor including Barnes & Noble.  There I finally bought the third installment to the Twilight series…I know GASP! I had actually read the first two long before they became popular but due to schooling never had the time to finish the series. Now that I have officially graduated I have time for pleasure reading again! While we were at the book ship Joslyn’s Aunt called us and told us they would have dinner waiting for us when we got home so we decided to pack up and make the forty five minute drive home.  There we were greeted with huge smiles from her cousins and a wagging tail from Duke, their dog.  It was nice to have a sit-down dinner after a long day of walking and to be away from the rain outside.  After the kids went to bed Joslyn’s Aunt sat me down in front of the television to watch the most beautiful romance story of all times…Pride and Prejudice.  Although it ended at a little after midnight I enjoyed it thoroughly and I have to admit I actually cried at the end!  When all my tears were dried, Jos and I headed to bed so we could get up for our next morning of fun.

Well I must admit that after a late night and tons of walking the day before I did not want to get up in the morning.  What added to this feeling was the fact that the skies were still miserably gray outside and the fact that I knew it wasn’t going to get sunny at any point during the day.  Due to this Joslyn and I debated whether we wanted to travel to Washington D.C. and walk in the rain all day.  In the end we gave in when we found out there was a National Crime and Punishments Museum close to the Mall.  Really we must thank Joslyn’s Aunt for finding out about the museum when she was searching online for things for us to do.  After this exciting news we quickly cleaned up and got ready to go for the day.  We were all smiles when we finally reached the city and knew we were moments away from one of the best museum trips ever.  When we got into the museum we found out they had a small book you could purchase to solve a crime along your way through the museum.  Jos and I jumped at the chance to be pretend cops on a case and hurriedly started our adventure.  We got to do so many things in the museum but unfortunately right now it is late and so I will have to update you on them in the morning.  So make sure you check back to find out all about the mystery case  and the fun things we got to do at the museum. (One thing by the way, what we did at this museum was unlike anything I have ever done on any other visit to a museum!)



Knees and Feet that are Throbbing with Pain…

 Hey ya’ll!

So my goal was to fill you in on our great experiences at Baltimore Harbor and Washington D.C. today but Joslyn and I are extremely exhausted.  Also we must get up early to travel up to New York City tomorrow and need our beauty rest! So for now I will leave you with some pictures from our trip but don’t worry because I will fill you in on all of our fun tomorrow when we are on our way to the Big Apple!


Amazing food to fill Mr. Gnome’s tummy!


Mr. Gnome got all wet at the Dolphin show!!! 



 Frog at the Baltimore Aquarium


The AMAZING dolphin show!      



 Jos and I being “crabby”


My punishment for waking up late this morning!  



All of our grant money went to bailing Joslyn out of the Crime and Punishment Museum!!!


Mr. Gnome looks so patriotic in front of the Washington Monument!  


Arlington National Cemetary



The eternal flame at President John F. Kennedy’s grave



Remembering the Men and Women who served our country  




On Our Way to Baltimore!

Hello World,

Now I know we didn’t exactly explain what the purpose of this road trip was.  No it’s not just about the grant money, or even the great fun Jos and I want to have.  It’s all about the interviews and the people we are going to meet in the Criminal Justice field.  The purpose is to get to know those in our field of study and to learn how they got where they are today.  This is a great opportunity to learn new things and make connections with people that work in Criminal Justice and related areas!

Today we had great trip to Baltimore, Maryland.  We “Hit the Road” at 8:00 this morning so we could make it to our interview early.  At first this plan started out very well, but then we hit a road block.  According to the GPS we had made it to our destination but it was no where to be seen.  All we saw were small, dismal little buildings that didn’t live up to our expectation of what an FBI office would look like.  So Jos decided to do some exploring while I worried that we may not make it to our interview.  After much begging from me, Joslyn called the FBI field office and got directions.  It turns out we had the wrong address!!! HOW FRUSTRATING!!! The secretary told us that it was a big building, with a black fence and there was no way we could miss it.  Luckily she was right! We drove not even two blocks and there standing in front of us was FBI building! It was gorgeous and I got soooo excited just looking at it.  It completely surpassed any expectations I had.  Luckily we still had time to spare, and we finished our make-up and compiled some extra questions for our interview with John, the FBI recruiting agent.

After we went through security John met us at the front of the building.  He warmly welcomed us and allowed us to have a full tour of the office.  John told us that their office hadn’t been rebuilt too long ago and they named the new one after a fallen agent Sam Hicks (Sam Hicks Federal Bureau of Investigation) http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/news/tribpm/s_599349.html.  He also informed us that the new building had been designed by an avid art collector.  Due to this each hallway was filled with beautiful and inspirational portraits that could lift the mood of even the glummest person.  The building had to be the most gorgeous office I have ever seen.

John explained to us the whole process by which a person becomes a Federal Agent.  Some of the steps in the process include a lengthy interview, an enormously hard test (that only half of applicants don’t pass), and an invasive polygraph.  He then took us to each floor of the building and explained what the different agents do.  He also showed us where the Big Bosses work and their armored vehicle they put into use after September 11th.  After we finished our tour of the building John allowed us to to interview him on camera for Messiah footage.  John was extremely hospitable and we had so much fun listening to all of his stories.  We were so happy he let us interview him and enjoy the amazing opportunity to tour the Baltimore field office.



Meet our Friend Mr. Gnome!

Along the way you will see this little guy in photos.  Mr. Gnome is traveling the road with us and keeping us company on our long journey.  Keep an eye for this little guy in our photos!

In the Beginning…

Hello all,

So yesterday I officially became a Messiah College Graduate. Commencement was amazing and it was a gorgeous day for the event.  Both my parents and boyfriend along with Joslyn came to see me walk.  I had such a wonderful but tiring day.  Needless to say when I got home I did not want to pack! Jos already had her stuff mostly together because she had packed it when leaving college.  I took a short nap and begrudgingly got up to pack all of our things.  In a way it was sad because I knew this was going to be the last thing I would do as a Messiah College student.  I managed to get everything together in time for our trip and we managed to leave on time this afternoon.

As we headed for Joslyn’s Aunt and Uncle’s house we saw many interesting and beautiful things.  The drive was very scenic and filled with views of mountains, fields and gorgeous homes.  The funniest thing had to have been when we saw a man dressed as the Flash, carrying an American flag down the highway.  Unfortunately we passed him so fast we didn’t get a picture.  Joslyn and I both wanted to ask him what he was doing but we had a schedule to stick to so we moved ahead.  Along the way we stopped at McDonalds for lunch and eventually made it to Joslyn’s Aunt and Uncle by 3:00. 

We were greeted by screams of joy from her cousins and almost immediately were asked to go outside and play.  We went with her three cousins down to the park and played on the swings and jungle gym and threw the football around.  I had so much fun with her cousins because it reminded me of my job last Summer at a day care.  I love little kids and had a great time playing outside with Joslyn’s cousins.

By the time we got back from the park it was time for dinner and we sat down for a nice meal that Jos’ Aunt and Uncle had prepared for all of us.  We enjoyed hamburgers and hot dogs and I got to eat my first corn of the season…YUMMMM!!!!

After dinner we toured Gaithersburg, Maryland and got to see Joslyn’s Aunt and Uncles new house they are buying.  Everything was so beautiful and some of the homes we saw reminded me of gingerbread houses.   It was an amazing ride around Old Town and various other neighborhoods.  When we got home we got to enjoyed scrumptious brownies.

Tomorrow we are traveling into Baltimore to meet with our contact at the FBI.  We will update you on our trip into Baltimore Harbor, just pray that the weather is nice!



Our First Interview!

Soooo…Jos and I found out today that we have our first interview scheduled! A recruiter from the FBI called us and said that he would give us a tour of the FBI and would let us interview him! This is so awesome! We have been running into major problems lately because we can’t seem to get hold of many of the people we want to interview. We hoping they will call us back!!! One downside is that we probably won’t be able to interview anyone from the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) in Quantico.  Although this we may not get this opportunity we are soooo excited to meet with all of our other possible interviewees! Well I just wanted to update everyone on how we were doing with our process!

Peace Out

Lady Liberty and Lady Justice