Did college.

Yesterday I had my final final.  That means I have taken my last test… ever.  It is a weird thing to think about.  I have spent over 16 years of my life in school, that’s 76% of my time on earth.  I suppose I could continue this run and start applying for graduate school, but […]

Rock Climbing at the Loft!

This semester my title is up for grabs.  That’s right, the second rock climbing competition in the history of Messiah college has started just 3 weeks ago and is more intense than ever! Two years ago, as I entered spring semester of my Sophomore year, I received word of a local rock climbing competition… on […]

Senior year!

Well, it’s my senior year and then I get kicked out into the real world.  But until then I am going to make sure it is my best year at Messiah.  For starters I’m living in Fry apartments (top of the line).  The best thing is the power works this time, unlike last year where […]

Earn moneys online by clicking stuff

Ever heard of a “Get Paid To” site?  Basically it is a site that facilitates an interaction between advertisements and consumers.  In other words, y’know those annoying scam things, “You just won 40 kajillion dollars, we just need your entire identity for no reason at all”… well you can profit off of those by getting […]

Heres a collection of funny videos

Here we go, the videos are here and I laugh at them so also you will. too. How neat is that? Just look at this one. Dirty dishes… clean em up. This is real. She has trouble speaking. Another by goodneighborstuff This is a long yet supremely entertaining video/compilation of the mad tv coach hines […]

Best concert I have ever been to, and it was free!

Ok so at Messiah we have a band play a set in the student union every wednesday at around 10pm.  We call it b-sides, while most bands are mediocre at best, the most recent band was simply phenomenal.  They go by Andreas Kapsalis Trio and consist of 2 drummers and a tap guitarist (Andreas Kapsalis).  […]

New phone: LG Ally with android os

First of all:  I love it.  I have had it for about 2 weeks now and it works perfectly.  The keyboard is a must, otherwise I weoulds bie seendihng meseesages liioke thies.  No one would be able to understand, and I am lazy so there will be no editing.  The touch screen works well, so […]