Gettin Huge!

For those who know me you understand when I say I don’t ever work out.  Now those same people will be amazed to learn that I do a full body workout every monday, wednesday, and friday at 7am for about an hour and a half.  Since my roommate happens to be the ‘big man on campus’ I figured if I’m ever gonna exercise I might as well learn from the best.  So here is what we do:

1st.  Do a little stretch here and there

b. Do a pull up, hang there, and lift knees up as many times as you can.  Do three sets.

III. After each ‘pull-hang-lift-session’, take a small breather and then hang with arms extended and swing legs out waist high as many times as you can.  Do three sets.

four.  Lay down on mat, pick up 25lb weight and hold it with extended arms above you, bring knees up and in, and do as many crunches as you can.  Do two sets.

5. After each ‘lay-squat-sit-crunch’, bring the weight behind your head, knees bent with feet on the floor, do as many crunches as you can.  Do two sets.

sixth.  After each ‘lay-squat-sit-crunch’-‘knee-bent-floor-foot-crunch’-combo, lay flat on the floor with the weight on your chest, hover legs above ground, then bring knees in, and return to hover position, do as many of these as you can.  Do two sets.

g. We’re done with abs.  Move on to bench press.  Put as much weight as you feel you can do.  Do as many as you can.  Do 5 sets

VIII. Now we do some kind of triceps machine.  Grab the ropes, plant one foot on the bar in front of you about waist high, pull the rope past your body and above your head, then retract to just above your head, then push out with arms extended, extend and retract as many times as you can.  Do 3 sets

9. After each ‘rope-kick-pull-push’, go to the leg press machine, and push the weight with your feet as many times as you can.  Do 3 sets

tenth.  Get some dumbbells and do some curls.  Do as many as you can, making sure one arm isn’t doing more work than the other. Do 3 sets

k. Go to the butterfly machine.  Do as many of those awkward slow claps as you can.  Do 4 sets

XII. Do as many pull ups as you can.

13th. Do arm push up things, where you post your arms on either side on some bars and then drop your body and come back up,  do as many as you can.

fourteen.  Pull up and hang on one arm for as long as you can with the arm still bent at 90 degrees.  My record is about 3 seconds.

15. Nap.

the end.

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