Bought another guitar, now I have 6 in my collection

It may have been irrational, unplanned, and ill advised but it was a great decision.  I bought a used Martin classical guitar on a whim when I was on winter break.  I finished my on-campus work, made a decent amount of money, and then blew it all on Christmas presents and a new guitar of course.  The guitar, which normally sells for 600 dollars, was only 275 dollars and I got a free case.  A deal is a deal and you just have to buy a guitar when you are presented with that.  I had no inclination of buying a guitar when I walked into the store, and I walked out of the store in relative shock at my own purchase.

Here’s what you need to know, aside from the money I saved, as to why I bought this guitar.  Reason number 1:  Every time I go into a music store I tend to try all of the classical guitars to better understand them.  Reason 2:  I picked up about 3 other classical guitars before the one I now own.  These guitars were sub par, they were out of tune, when I did tune them they never stayed in tune, and when they were in tune certain frets made them out of tune.  Reason 3:  I see one last classical guitar up high with no price tag.  What the heck I will try that one too.  It’s already in good tuning, I make a few adjustments, stays in tune the whole time I mess with it, and all of the frets stayed in tune!  I say “woah”, no one is around so I can do that, and then I knew I had to find out how much this baby costs.  It was literally less expensive than the other classicals I tried.  Sold.

New guitar.  Add to my collection.  Now I have 6: Acoustic, 2 electrics, bass, 12 string, and brand new (used) classical.  I already nicked the front of it though.  Still sounds fine anyway.

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