Did college.

Yesterday I had my final final.  That means I have taken my last test… ever.  It is a weird thing to think about.  I have spent over 16 years of my life in school, that’s 76% of my time on earth.  I suppose I could continue this run and start applying for graduate school, but that’s just overkill.  I’m ready to be a productive human in society, at least that’s what I have been trained to be.  It is kind of odd that I will be receiving a degree in Marketing even though I will most likely end up in Web Development, in fact I would rather be doing Web Development over Marketing.  Well, I wouldn’t have said that two years ago.  Back then, I had never even seen HTML code much less understood it.  Yet, there are so many outside forces that wind up switching your perception of the world and yourself upside down.  If I had to choose most important and influential event in my college career I would have to choose the day my friend referred me to a job on campus that I was utterly unqualified for.  I have learned more about myself, my abilities, and my interests from jumping into this web developer position on campus than any other lecture, project, or test.  I feel extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to work with great people in a great environment for the latter half of my college career.  The things I have learned at Messiah college have helped me grow intellectually, but the friends, co-workers, and professors that I have made relationships with have, and will continue to, empower me.

the end.

3 reasons why Android will always be better than Iphone

The battle between Apple and Google rages on.  The Apple phenomena rode in on simplistic marketing and ease of use functionality.  Then Google entered the scene, producing hundreds of devices from several companies with many levels of functionality that reach many levels of users.  I have come up with 5 concrete reasons why Android will always be better than Iphone.

1. Open Source

    This is the biggest and most significant reason why Android trumps Iphone.  Google created an open source operating system, meaning anybody can use and tinker with it for FREE.  Because of that, Android is showing up everywhere.  Iphone’s operating system, however, is proprietary to Iphone and cannot be freely used by other companies or persons.  This allows Android to cover an immense range of uses.  Some Android phones, like HTC, are built to be extremely user friendly toward new customers.  Other Android phones allow total nerds, like me, to have full control over their device.  And still other Android phones are built just to keep the costs down.  Now there is a range of price and quality that Iphone cannot match.

    2. Widgets

      I don’t know why Iphone hasn’t gone down this route yet, but widgets are absolutely fantastic.  Android devices will allow any app (that can) to create working version of the application on any home screen on the phone.  This means you don’t even have to open an app to figure out your schedule for the week, find out what the weather is today, or to get your much needed fix of social media updates.

      3. It’s Google!

        Tell me how good a device is if it isn’t in some way connected to the search engine giant.  Google apps are always of the best quality and serve the most purpose.  On an Iphone you can get a map from who knows where and hope your turning down the right road.  With Google Maps you get turn by turn directions from the most in depth map created to date.  When you have to find something online do you turn to the almighty Yahoo or Bing? No! It’s Google all the way baby, and 66.6% of people would agree versus Yahoo’s 16% and Bing’s 12%.  I also trust the company that is known as one of the best places to work and recruits only the best minds in the world.  When a person is as intelligent as any of the engineers at Google, and they have such a free creative environment to work in, there is no way what they produce will be any less awesome than the next thing.

        5 html and css tips to keep your code clean and functional

        Developing a website can leave you with headache after headache.  But if you follow a few easy to remember tips then you can reduce the frequency and pain of those headaches!

        Tip #1: Close  ‘em up!

        This is by far the best and most simple trick that I use to make sure I don’t make those “what the heck is going wrong, my code looks fine” problems.  Here’s what you need to do:  Whenever you open a tag, then the very next thing to do is close it.  I bet you’re saying, “DUH, everyone knows that there has to be a starting and ending tag!”  You are correct! However, it is extremely easy to forget a </div> if it’s not immediately preceded by a <div>.  That’s why, before typing any content after an opening tag, I always put my ending tag first… then you can click in between the tags and put your content.  This isn’t just for html either, in css you should always set the rule up in it’s entirety before putting the properties inside.

        Tip #2: Keep it legible!

        This is an easy way to make troubleshooting much less painful.  If something isn’t rendering like it should in your website and your code looks like this:

        <h1>heading 1</h1><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><h1><span></span></h1> <table width=”100%”  border=”0″ cellpadding=”2″><tr valign=”top”><td width=”18%” scope=”col”><a href=”#”><img src=”images.jpg” alt=”image” width=”100″ height=”100″ border=”0″ /></a></td><td width=”32%” scope=”col”><span><a href=”#”>image</a>,<br /></span><td scope=”col”><a href=”#”><img src=”images.jpg” alt=”image” width=”100″ height=”100″ border=”0″ /></a></td><td scope=”col”><a href=”#”></a></td></table>

        …then finding out what is causing the problem is about the equivalent of punching yourself in the face in order to get the speck out of your eye.  Magical tip #2 is to break up your code with spaces, indent nested elements, and use code comments frequently and purposefully.  Try and find out what the problem was with the above code, time yourself, then try to find out what the problem is with the following code.  See if the time it takes is any faster. (“—–” indicates indentation)

        <div id=”container”>

        —– <div id=”header”>

        —– —– <h1>my header</h1>

        —– —– <p>a paragraph</p>

        —– —– <ul>

        —– —– —– <li>Item 1</li>

        —– —– —– <li>Item 2</li>

        —– </div> <!– header –>

        </div> <!– container –>

        Chances are you spent about 4 seconds on the first code, got bored, and moved on.  You then probably took about 4 seconds on the next code, realized the <ul> has no ending tag, and merrily went about your day.  By the way, if you were wondering, the first code is missing a </td> somewhere in the middle there. If you found that then, congratulations! You’re a nerd!

        Tip #3: Organize and explain!

        This tip becomes more and more important the larger and more complex your pages get.  When you have a css file with somewhere nearing 100 rules scattered all over it becomes quite a nuisance when you want to change a certain class property.  Make it easier on yourself with code comments!

        /* ————- GENERAL RULES —————-*/

        body {

        font-family: sans-serif;

        background: #000;


        /* ——————NAVIGATION ——————*/

        ul.nav {

        list-style-type: none;

        float: right;


        ul.nav li {

        color: #FFF;


        Now instead of scrolling through your css file looking for “ul.nav” you can ease the pain by knowing its under the comment “NAVIGATION” which comes after “GENERAL RULES”.  Notice also how the order seems to be broad to specific, that should be a goal in your organizing process.

        Tip #4: Validate, validate, validate!

        The w3c has made it quite easy to find those well hidden and subtle errors that are messing with your mind.  There is a tool that they created that will read through your code and highlight those errors, where they are, and what makes them errors.  You have to use this tool it is free and will help you produce clean and logical code.

        Go there now!    http://validator.w3.org/

        Here’s how to use the tool:

        1. Three options: type the URL of the page you want to validate OR upload a file OR type out the code directly into the tool
        2. Click on “More Options”
        3. Check the box for “Show Source”
        4. Click the button “Check”

        The tool will spit out how many errors and warnings at the top of the page.  Scroll down to see detailed reports on each error.  Scroll even further to see an imported version of your source code.

        Tip #5: Ask the almighty Internet!

        Google can pretty much answer any question you might have.  Chances are the problem you are facing in your code has already been addressed somewhere.  That is one major plus to this field of work, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  People are much more generous than you may think.  They have worked hard and long coming up with a solution to your problem and are willing to freely give that information away.  And if you just so happen to have money lying around then you also have access to the hundreds of online tutorials and schools created and run by professionals and experts.  A great site that I use is lynda.com.

        the end.

        Even newer android phone

        I doubt you read my older post about my first android phone the LG Ally, but guess what… I got myself an upgrade!  I went from mid tier phone to top tier with the Motorola RAZR.  This phone is bigger, faster, thinner, stronger, and better in every way.  The screen is huge and it has great resolution.  The processor is probably the fastest on the market right now.  It is the thinnest smartphone to date.  It has diamond plate siding, gorilla glass screen, Kevlar backing, and it’s highly resistant to liquids.  I’ve already flung it out of my pocket by accident and there isn’t a scratch or nick anywhere to be seen.

        There was also a huge internal and external storage increase compared to my old phone.  I have been downloading whatever apps I feel like without coming close to filling up the storage space.  So far I have accumulated 148 apps ranging from games to widgets to messaging to tools and so on.  Games alone I have 35 apps, and I have 26 tools/utilities apps.  Now I can be immersed into ‘phone-world’ for almost every waking hour of my day… it’s a wonderful thing.

        the end.

        Rock Climbing at the Loft!

        This semester my title is up for grabs.  That’s right, the second rock climbing competition in the history of Messiah college has started just 3 weeks ago and is more intense than ever!

        Two years ago, as I entered spring semester of my Sophomore year, I received word of a local rock climbing competition… on campus!  I had known about the small rock wall in the garage of the Loft since Freshman year, and I was in fact a frequent participant in their recreational climbing sessions.  Yet, this was news.  It was very big news and I just had to sign up.

        Though I had been climbing at the Loft for some time now, I still did knew only a select few people.  Nobody really knew me or what I was capable of, I could climb but nothing really outstanding.  Well, I learned the rules and paid the fee (an insurmountable 6 dollars).

        • Every week there will be a new route marked with silver and red tape.
        • If the route is completed and watched by a facilitator then the participant will receive a certain amount of points based upon the difficulty of the climb.
        • Participants cannot use rocks/holds that are not marked with silver and red tape, otherwise their current attempt is void of approval.
        • If the route proves too difficult and a participant cannot complete it within the set week he/she can finish the climb the following week for a lesser amount of points.
        • In certain cases, when the route is very long, there will be a midpoint at which the participant will receive half points for the week’s challenge.  A participant who completes the entire route gets the full amount of points rather than the full amount plus the half amount.
        • Each successive week will

        During the 4-5 month period I managed to complete all but one of the challenge’s.  I was at the Loft nearly every day it was open for the full 2 hours until it closed.  The only problem is there was one other person who matched my performance completing every single challenge except one.  The only way to solve this was to have a climb-off!

        The climb-off consisted of a game of add-on.  The rules of add-on are: one person chooses the starting holds, the next person matches their holds and then adds another hold, then the person who chose the starting holds begins at the same spot, goes to the hold that their competitor chose and chooses another hold.  This process continues until one of the two cannot complete the newly created route.  Each person gets THREE attempts in a row to complete the route and add their next hold.  When there is a person who is unable to complete the climb, the other person has to repeat their climb once to seal the deal.

        We went back and forth adding hold after hold until we were twelve feet high, upside down on the ceiling.  I had one close call right at the end but somehow managed to catch a rock as I was falling to save myself.  We managed to add about three more holds on the ceiling when my opponent began showing what I was feeling… exhaustion.  Attempt number one was spent on a silly mistake grabbing the hold the wrong way.  Attempt number two, he makes the same mistake and falls wearing a disappointed face.  My opponent is at attempt number three and tensions in the small garage are high.  He is visibly tired, hardly holding himself up on the rocks that were so easy only 20 minutes ago.  He reaches for the ceiling, grabbing the hold correctly this time, but the next move is one of the hardest yet.  The seconds felt like hours as he hung there contemplating the best way to get the move.  Then, in a last ditch effort, he grunts and makes a jump for it only to fall short just by a hair.  Now the pressure is on.  Can I complete the route one more time?  I got in position, mentally preparing myself by going over every single move.  The first half of the climb is simple as my muscle memory kicks into gear.  I make it past the point where his mistakes cost him, making sure I didn’t repeat that mishap.  At this point only my adrenaline is pushing me forward.  I’m one move away from victory, there is no way I am going to let this fall from my grasp… victory at last!

        Yeah the prizes might have been kind of lame… a shirt, and a 20 dollar gift certificate to a store that when I attempted to use it the store was no longer in business.  But the title is mine and that is all that matters.

        Well, it has been 2 years since then and finally I get to compete again… this time to defend my championship!

        the end.

        Gettin Huge!

        For those who know me you understand when I say I don’t ever work out.  Now those same people will be amazed to learn that I do a full body workout every monday, wednesday, and friday at 7am for about an hour and a half.  Since my roommate happens to be the ‘big man on campus’ I figured if I’m ever gonna exercise I might as well learn from the best.  So here is what we do:

        1st.  Do a little stretch here and there

        b. Do a pull up, hang there, and lift knees up as many times as you can.  Do three sets.

        III. After each ‘pull-hang-lift-session’, take a small breather and then hang with arms extended and swing legs out waist high as many times as you can.  Do three sets.

        four.  Lay down on mat, pick up 25lb weight and hold it with extended arms above you, bring knees up and in, and do as many crunches as you can.  Do two sets.

        5. After each ‘lay-squat-sit-crunch’, bring the weight behind your head, knees bent with feet on the floor, do as many crunches as you can.  Do two sets.

        sixth.  After each ‘lay-squat-sit-crunch’-‘knee-bent-floor-foot-crunch’-combo, lay flat on the floor with the weight on your chest, hover legs above ground, then bring knees in, and return to hover position, do as many of these as you can.  Do two sets.

        g. We’re done with abs.  Move on to bench press.  Put as much weight as you feel you can do.  Do as many as you can.  Do 5 sets

        VIII. Now we do some kind of triceps machine.  Grab the ropes, plant one foot on the bar in front of you about waist high, pull the rope past your body and above your head, then retract to just above your head, then push out with arms extended, extend and retract as many times as you can.  Do 3 sets

        9. After each ‘rope-kick-pull-push’, go to the leg press machine, and push the weight with your feet as many times as you can.  Do 3 sets

        tenth.  Get some dumbbells and do some curls.  Do as many as you can, making sure one arm isn’t doing more work than the other. Do 3 sets

        k. Go to the butterfly machine.  Do as many of those awkward slow claps as you can.  Do 4 sets

        XII. Do as many pull ups as you can.

        13th. Do arm push up things, where you post your arms on either side on some bars and then drop your body and come back up,  do as many as you can.

        fourteen.  Pull up and hang on one arm for as long as you can with the arm still bent at 90 degrees.  My record is about 3 seconds.

        15. Nap.

        the end.

        Senior year!

        Well, it’s my senior year and then I get kicked out into the real world.  But until then I am going to make sure it is my best year at Messiah.  For starters I’m living in Fry apartments (top of the line).  The best thing is the power works this time, unlike last year where I spent a week in heat and darkness… but that was a different story.  This year is going to be great for many reasons: few and easy classes, awesome roommates, apartment location, friends in all my classes, best job on campus, getting in shape (for once in my life), more rock climbing, more guitar playing, and joining SIFE (students in free enterprise).  I have high hopes for this year and so far things seem to be falling in place.

        Since all good things have some weaknesses, here are some things I’m not so keen about:  ALLERGIES (Zyrtec is a lie it doesn’t work well enough), only one Ethernet port works in our apartment and guess where it is… THE FARTHEST CORNER OF THE FARTHEST ROOM (Xbox is now useless), and I got a zero on my first assignment (I misinterpreted the question, which should have been a critical thinking question and so I should have received some points for at least trying.. but nooooo that would be too gracious).  Regardless of these few blunders I am still really excited for this year, and I probably won’t want it to end either.

        the end. (of this post, not the school year.)

        Year 3

        Some statistics:

        Approximate Progress: 75%

        Plausibility of Graduation Meter:  99%

        Percent of Stimulated Brain Cells:  83%

        • Percent loss/gain from previous year:  +13%

        Cost: $36,240

        Benefit: Education/Community/Experience

        Cost-Benefit Analysis:  Very Good

        Days Spent Cramming:  Many

        Days Spent with Friends:  Virtually All

        Probability of Returning for Year Four:  99.9%

        the end.

        Earn moneys online by clicking stuff

        Ever heard of a “Get Paid To” site?  Basically it is a site that facilitates an interaction between advertisements and consumers.  In other words, y’know those annoying scam things, “You just won 40 kajillion dollars, we just need your entire identity for no reason at all”… well you can profit off of those by getting paid a fraction of a dollar to submit only an email address (create a new spam email) to this advertisement.  Say you send 10 different spam emails to 10 different scamvertisements and you just made like 5 dollars in an half an hour.

        The site I am familiar with, Center of Prizes, also offers a multitude of different ways to profit as much as possible.  For instance, each day you log in you get a spin on the ‘wheel of fortune’ where you can win up to $2, or play hangman on certain days to win more money, or simply be on the site during specific times to get a code.  And then it gets better, you can also earn points to redeem for prizes such as games through steam, gift cards, jackpot entries (each day 5 winners, grand winner $16-$20), and much more.  You can even earn money when referring other people to join the site (yes, I would get some moneys too if you choose to join through my link).  The best part is the money is real and will be transferred to your paypal account instantly up to $10, otherwise you have to wait for an admin to check if your not cheating the system somehow.

        So go ahead and click that banner to start earning money yourself.

        the end.

        Heres a collection of funny videos

        Here we go, the videos are here and I laugh at them so also you will. too.

        How neat is that?

        Just look at this one.

        Dirty dishes… clean em up.

        This is real.

        She has trouble speaking.

        Another by goodneighborstuff

        This is a long yet supremely entertaining video/compilation of the mad tv coach hines character.  Its great good.


        I will add more later. There are so many good ones out there.

        the end.