Simple Swaps & Simple Solutions Yield Surprising Savings

Be Intentional at the Union and Falcon

As you punch your way through your Union and Falcon meal orders, think twice before allowing your fingertips to hit “order”.  When eating at the Union or Falcon, you have the power to control your choices just by a single touch. Be intentional about what you choose to nourish your body by checking out the NUTRITION FACTS.

Check out this link for nutrition information of menu items at the Union:

Look at this link for nutrition information of menu items at the Falcon:

Nutrition information can be confusing, especially if you do not know how many calories you should be consuming on a daily basis.

MYPLATE’S SUPERTRACKER TOOL at is helpful in determining how many calories you need.  It also helps you to keep track of your daily food and nutrient consumption.

To get you started on making better choices at the Union or Falcon, follow the simple guidelines below:

Simple Swaps

  • Opt for grilled chicken instead of chicken salad – Save 425 calories!
  • Choose 2 slices of wheat bread instead of the wheat wrap – Save 140 calories!
  • Save half your Italian Stromboli for tomorrow’s lunch – Save 369 calories!
  • Resist ordering the double cheeseburger and stick to a traditional cheeseburger- Save 502 calories!
  • Grab a scone instead of a muffin – Save 220 calories!
  • Indulge in a fruit smoothie instead of a milkshake – Save 400 calories!
  • Pick up the zucchini sticks and leave the onion rings behind – Save 270 calories!

Simple Solutions

  • Add more vegetables to your pizza, sandwiches and wraps to help you stay fuller for longer
  • Order all sauces and dressings “on the side” to control how much you use
  • Get your favorite “sandwich stuffings” on a bed of lettuce instead of on bread
  • Split a meal with a friend or save the other half for another meal
  • Choose fruit over chips for your side option
  • Look for a clear-based soup over a cream-based soup
  • Save calories and money by choosing to drink water

Before you head to the Union or Falcon, check out the nutrition facts of the foods you are ordering and see what simple swaps or solutions you can make to whatever food you are craving.  Remember, if you are ordering online, you are just a click away from checking out that nutrition information.  Don’t let your fingers get ahead of your mind.  Be informed about available food selections and be intentional in making better choices.

Authored by:

Elizabeth Hackman, Messiah College Nutrition Major

Reviewed by:

Susan Gilbert, RD LDN
Messiah College Dietitian- Nutritionist

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  1. Very helpful information. The supertracker tool is really uselful. Thanks.

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