Go carve a rock:
We caught a glimpse of Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota and I must say the Rich family (Richie’s) looked better in stone than them Presidents. It was quite something, but parking right under the President’s noses wasn’t included in our super golden national parks pass. So, we decided to invest our money elsewhere.
Where the $ went:
Jim’s Automotives and Tires. Jim & Chuck to be precise. Driving up the mountains of Wyoming proved to be a challenge for dear Megan who is used to driving on the flat lands of Illinois. Concerned that we had car problems, we back-tracked to the town of Buffalo, WY for a visit with Jim. Chuck took the car for a test drive and claimed that this was the best accelerating car he’d driven in a while. This story is worth the price. Plus, we are reminded to move on, and that Jim & Chuck were kind enough to not make up stories about car problems and keep us from continuing our journey to the much anticipated Yellowstone.
Warning: You are entering Bear Country.
We had a bear (we’re not sure if it was a grizzly or black) greet us upon our arrival at Yellowstone. It’s true, we have footage. It got a kick out of it, and we continue to be thankful for our diverse dose of wildlife –bison (Kelly and I swam a few feet away from them), elk and a moose. Camping at Yellowstone was heavenly, safe for the fact that it was bellow freezing.