Rocky Mountain National Park was breathtaking, to say the least. And it was high up. We drove up to an elevation of almost 12,000 ft, holding our breath as Faith brilliantly maneuvered the car along the narrow roads which was void of barriers.

When we thought our high elevation day was over, we found ourselves driving up another mountain where we spent the night with the Wright family. I cannot describe the Wright Residence. I’ll just say that it was featured in Colorado Home’s Magazine, and that I’ve never set foot in any home like this before. We enjoyed getting to know the Wrights and their church friends. It is wild how much one can learn about another even in such short periods of time. This must be how community works –we open our hearts and lifes to all, trusting that they will love us, not judge us, as we do the same onto them. Not so easy, but things that come easy aren’t as rewarding.