Day 17 – Our Own Oregon Trail

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Nights spent in beds are always more enjoyable than ones on the ground or in vans. Today, it was a great feeling waking up and going back to sleep knowing I was on a mattress. It’s the little things in life really.

Speaking of little things, one small detail humorously escaped Faro last night as he went to bed. He meticulously rounded the room, closing drapes and shutters to prevent that caustic morning sunlight to burn open his eyes from sweet slumber. Well, he did a fantastic job as no light burst in from the windows. However, he seemed not to discover until this morning that his bed was planted directly beneath a skylight. It’s the little things in life really.

The morning wasn’t too active. Faro mysteriously went for another fun-run today. I showered instead of getting sweaty.

We eventually got our act together and bumbled into the car for an exciting tour of the city of Portland. Our first stop brought us to Powell’s Bookstore. This place takes up an entire city block. It has over a million books and color-coded sections to help you find your way. I picked the Pearl Floor and nursed some photography books, one of which was Ansel Adams: Trees. It was one of the most fantastic books I’ve ever read; yes, I read the 101 page book in one sitting. If you like trees, pictures of trees, Ansel Adams, and snatches of brilliant poetry and prose, then you’d like this book, too.

I wanted to camp out there. But since we had beds waiting for us at Jordan’s house, I thought it best to sleep there.

After the bookstore, we visited Adidas next door. The merchandise was cool, if not trying desperately to revive back to the 80s, but was priced steeply. The highlight inside this store was coloring on a banner they had hanging at the back of the store. They supplied markers that we used to fill in outlines of shoes.

Afterwards, we wondered until Puma came into my sights. If I were going to rob the living daylights out of one store, it would be Puma. The place is full of treasures disguised as clothing and shoes. (My birthday’s in November, and if you’re having trouble thinking of a good gift to buy me this year…)

Then we drove home and made a scrumptious lunch consisting of prepackaged salad, beans, and macaroni and cheese with hotdog segments. We thought about going to watch Game 3 of the Stanley Cup but laziness set in, and, well, you can guess the rest of the story.

The next several hours found us sitting on the sofas listening to the nightly news, blogging, and catching up on bumming around. We caught up.

Around ten tonight, we had a sudden urge to get a movie and Oreos. Our adventure led us down many streets before we happened upon a grocery store. We bought Oreos. And Chips Ahoy. And vanilla cookies that taste like sawdust. And milk. And rootbeer. And ice cream. Oh, and then we stopped by Hollywood Video and rented a new release: Last Chance Harvey. Tonight was Girl’s Night In.

We found our way back home again using our internal GPS systems that God gave to all men. Once back, we slurped up the milk and chomped down the cookies. Before popping in the movie, we enjoyed the second episode of the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. Conan, I submit, is the funniest someone can be while still be mortal. Anyways, his guest was Tom Hanks. While giving some insider’s info about L.A., Hanks unabashedly plugged In-N-Out Burger! He even made a reference to a Four-by-four Animal Style. It’s the little things really.

Random but interesting fact. During lunch we calculated to what extent Faro’s addiction to Mountain Dew runs. Annually we tallied how much Dew he consumes gallons. Ten perhaps? Twenty? Thirty even? Faro chugs a minimum of sixty gallons per year of Mountain Dew (and that’s a conservative estimate). I’m not even sure I drink that much water in a year.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard some sage advice from the man, the myth, the mantra-making-machine known as John Wooden. Let’s see what Coach Wooden has to say about the little things.

“These seemingly trivial matters, taken together and added to many, many other so-called trivial matters build into something very big: namely, your success.
You will find that success and attention to details, the smallest details, usually go hand-in-hand, in basketball and elsewhere in your life.
When you see a successful individual, a champion, a ‘winner,’ you can be very sure that you are looking at an individual who pays great attention to the perfection of minor details.” Thanks for these wise words, Coach.

In our lives, big events are born of small instances. Though the milestones may be what others remember, the moments are what we’ll never forget.

– JD and the boys

p.s. (Ben Jordan correctly named Han Solo as the one with the mystery quote closing yesterday’s blog. Congrats Beeje!)

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  1. JKells1

    If Brett drinks 60 gallons of Mt. Dew a year, then Ben puts down at least 120 gallons a year — conservatively.