Day 16 – Sequoia sempervirens

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After waking up in the van this morning, we made the short trip to Redwood National Park. This was another location where I was very excited to explore. Although I’ve never been there before, I have seen it several times when watching Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Remember it? For those of you who need a little refresher course, most of the scenes that occurred on the Forest Moon of Endor were filmed on location inside this park. Just think a long, long time ago Ewoks lived in these woods.

We parked and walked a 1-mile loop called the Ladybird Johnson Trail. Our pace was nothing like others hikes up places like Angel’s Landing or down Bright Angel. It wasn’t grueling, or fast, vigorous, or even speedy. Heck, it wasn’t even medium. It was something faster than loitering but slower than creeping. Snail-ish would almost be accurate but we actually spotted a snail along the way and, well, we were travelling slightly faster than it.

I loved soaking in the views.

A thick, cool fog wrapped around the massive trunks and drifted through the leafy canopies high above. The woods felt quiet, hushed like they were waiting for something. Acres of ferns covered the forest floor disturbed only in places where fallen giants slowly decayed under layers of crawling bugs and spreading moss. Bit by bit, Redwoods retreated into the distance, fading mysteriously into the fog like strangers stepping backwards holding a finger over their lips. The park was full of unheard stories whose secrets would probably never leave the shadowy borders. It’s an incredible world and something you have to visit to understand.

After our time at the park, we returned to the open road and proceeded northward. Portland was waiting for us only a few hours away. At this point, five hours in a car is cake. We drove. We filled our tank with gas. We drove some more. And then we reached Portland. I can’t say in good faith that anything mildly interesting or eventful happened during this drive, except for I reached my 100 milestone for granola bars eaten on this trip. How exciting!

Once in Portland, we parked at Jordan Cunnings house. She’s a friend I met during my study abroad in Ecuador. It wasn’t long before we hopped in her car and made a run to the grocery store. Once back to her house, we ate and caught up on some rest and relaxation.

This following quote has no inspirational quality or moral fiber. It’s a favorite quote of mine from a favorite character; first to name who said this quote will win a special shout out in the next blog.

“Jeez. I’m out of it for a little while, and everybody gets delusions of grandeur.” – ?

– JD and the boys

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