Thanks for the creative energy, Baby Lorow.

I can’t help but notice that I’m blogging a lot more about being pregnant these days. Perhaps because my growing stomach and the little life in it is first and foremost on my mind every morning. Really, with only six weeks (or less!) to go, it’s hard not to be thinking baby almost all the time.

A perk of being pregnant that developed about halfway into my second trimester is a major boost of creative energy. (Jeff thinks that this creativity reveals that Baby Lorow is a girl. I have to admit, I love the idea of having a little girl to scrapbook and craft with, but you won’t hear me complaining if Baby Lorow is a boy either!) Lately, I’ve been directing much of that creative energy towards making things for the baby’s room or that chronicle this unique moment in our lives.

A week or so ago, I posted pictures of the mobile I made. Originally, I didn’t intend to make anything else for the nursery, but, while browsing through Michael’s on Saturday morning, I couldn’t resist buying a set of nine, plain wooden blocks. Nine blocks was perfect for spelling out Baby Lorow, and my mind was spinning with ways to decorate the blocks. I am thrilled with how they turned out!

Baby blocks

For months, I have also been planning a pregnancy scrapbook in my head. Then I drew a rough outline on paper. And, seriously, for months I’ve stewed over how I wanted to remember this time in my life. Finally, last week, I started creating some pages. I decided that I would use the book to tell the whole story — the joys and the challenges. I want this book to be an honest look at the past nine months, not a pink and blue sparkle fest of artificial and sugary sweetness. Because, guess what? Pregnancy isn’t always fun. So, why pretend? I trust that our baby will know he/she is completely adored by his/her parents, so a grumble or two about pregnancy won’t ruin him/her for life!

So, here are the first three pages of the pregnancy scrapbook. What I find especially unusual about these first three pages is that they don’t include a single photograph! There will certainly be photos in the following pages, but, for this particular book, it felt totally right to me to focus more on the emotion of the experience.

Scrapbook page 1

Scrapbook page 2

Scrapbook page 3

Finally, for those of you wondering what I look these days, here’s a recent self portrait!

Pregnancy self portrait


  1. Becca

    You look great!!! :) I love the pages and the blocks…can’t wait to see them in person! :) Looks like I’m going to be out that way the weekend of Aug. 7 and then again two weeks later…hopefully, I’ll get to meet Baby Lorow on one of those trips as well as admire all the crafty stuff you’ve been doing!!! :)

  2. Ruth

    How fun to see all your creativity and cute picture…but would be nice to see your sweet face too. Would love to read what you wrote in your scrapbook. Looks like one title is “pondering”. :)

  3. Berlea

    Adorable blocks! Very sweetscrapbook idea and one of your many wonderful qualities is being honest, Baby Lorow will love that about you. I do.