Sarah Ginolfi’s new blog

Sarah Ginolfi (’08) will be a NYC teaching fellow this fall. She’s started a new blog, Sarah in the Bronx, where she’ll keep us all informed of her goings on.

One Response to “Sarah Ginolfi’s new blog”

  1. Well, after all those years of being one of those unguided English majors who scowled at the idea of teaching English…it appears that the scowl remained more true than my recent foray into the art of traditional teaching. I have left my postition as English teacher in the NYC Fellows program to pursue something a little more up my alley.

    I’ve taken an Americorps position in Anchorage, Alaska and will be teaching swimming and water safety in rural Alaska this coming summer. Right now I’m helping out in the before/after school programs run by my organization, Camp Fire USA, Alaska Council.

    SO! I’m no longer posting at sarahinthebronx as, well, Sarah is no longer in the Bronx. I am still blogging down my after-college adventures though and you may now find them at

    That is all.

    Peace and love,
    sarah in anchorage