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this is the end, friend, beautiful or not

May 31st, 2009

Yesterday morning was somewhat anticlimactic. We woke up, readied ourselves, said goodbye to Katie and Ryan, and then set off on our way. Robyn and I dropped Ali off at Bonnie Cooper’s house in Sutton, MA so that she could prepare for their (Bonnie & her now husband David) wedding. Goodbyes were casual and quick. I think we were all ready to get home, though Ali won’t reach Michigan until tomorrow. The ride to Connecticut (where Robyn and I both live) was short and uneventful.

This is the end of our road trip, but the beginning of the rest of our lives?

This was a delightful transition after graduation, but I’m ready for something new. On our trip I met a lot of new people and saw a lot of new places. We relied on each other and ourselves while on the road. The experience was both humbling (because we were dependent on others for lodging and food) and liberating (because we were independent and decisive). The hospitality of so many friends and strangers encourages me to open my home and resources to others that I don’t know. I’ve also realized that one of the reasons why I’m not sure what my next “move” in life will be is because I suddenly have many options. At this point, I can choose to do any number of things. This may be intimidating, but I’m excited by the possibilities. Grad school? Travel? Settling somewhere near home? I’m not sure, but I’ve seen that it’s a big world.

Thanks everyone who has followed our travels!

– Sarah

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  1. Cindy Agoncillo says

    this is the start of something new… sorry, i had to! it was just asking for a high school musical quote…

    May 31st, 2009 | #

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