Dreamers and Seekers

Tackling Toronto Traffic

May 24th, 2009

Another successful day in Toronto was had by the trilicious trio, the Dreamers and Seekers, i.e. us. It began at 8:20 a.m. when we drove down the block and tumbled out at Tim Horton’s where we ate doughnuts, bagels, or muffins for breakfast. We noticed when we sat down that there was only a twenty minute time limit according to the “no loitering” sign. Therefore, we abandoned our plans of camping out there for an hour and playing cards and hopped into the car once more, heading off in the general direction of The Meeting House where Bruxy Cavey is the Teaching Pastor. While driving along Lakeshore Blvd Robyn noticed a park off to the left right by some unknown body of water, probably an inlet of Lake Ontario. We pulled off and paid the 75 cents for a half hour of pleasurable playing near the playa. While Robyn went on her requisite run, Sarah and I took turns videotaping each other and asking random questions. When 10:05 rolled around we took off once more, this time in search of Gardiner Expressway which would become the QEW. Unfortunately, unknown to us, the Gardiner Expy was closed for some sort of construction, so we sat in traffic for quite a while before we came upon an open entrance ramp.
Amazingly, we arrived at the Meeting House ten minutes before the 11:45 service began – just enough time to take some video footage of the building and the “theatre” where the service takes place. We were delighted to see Bruxy wearing a Messiah College t-shirt and he gave us and another group from the states a shout out before beginning his sermon, which was a response to the internet movie “Zeitgeist” and the claim that Jesus is just another mythical figure. We really enjoyed the service and Bruxy’s sermon. Afterward a woman came up and introduced herself as a fellow Messiah alum! We later talked to one of the other pastors, Tim, who also attended Messiah. We ate lunch at a restaurant called Montana’s with Bruxy, Nina (his wife), Maya (his daughter), and his parents. It was the best meal experience I have had thus far on the road trip. We talked about all sorts of things and enjoyed our food over a leisurely two hours. After lunch we drove to some of the neighboring stores in search of sunglasses to clip onto my glasses and upon entering the Future Shop became distracted by the Playstation 3 and the Wii’s with demo games.
Finally we headed back for the Tam’s house and have enjoyed conversations with Mrs. Tam, Mr. Tam, and Martin since then. We are currently enjoying our last evening in a house since tomorrow we will be camping near Niagara Falls.

No more updates on my job prospects for next year. I’m still debating between Kazakhstan and living and working near Messiah.

My favorite quote from the trip thus far: “Ali, is that your hairbrush? On the ground?” – Robyn, pointing to the pavement on the ground behind the car.


Addendum: After the initial post we played Settlers of Catan with Martin and with Stephen Ritter a la skype and webcam, because he is in Pennsylvania. Needless to say, it was a really long and slightly slow game because Robyn acted as Steve’s “nurse,” helping him with trading and building his settlements and cities. Also, Martin stole all my ore with his monopoly card.


  1. Cindy Agoncillo says

    I think Bruxy and Settlers via Skype made this post my favorite thus far! Sounds like you are all still having a wonderful experience! Continued prayers for safe travel coming your way :)

    May 25th, 2009 | #

  2. Cindy Agoncillo says

    p.s. Ali – you should check out my latest blog post for some Brian Smith quotes I found in my CCC notebook! What a class that was :)

    May 25th, 2009 | #

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