How I spend my weekends

March 25th, 2011

So I have been dating the same girl for almost 6 months. This girl loves to take me down with her to visit her parents in DC. Since we have started dating I have found a whole new world down in the district. First of all this wonderful land called GeorgeTown has changed the way I understand a “good reasons to stand in a line”. Ever since the shop Georgetown Cupcake started its tv show people have gone coo coo for cupcakes. I don’t know if it’s actually how good they taste, or the fact that it is on tv. For whatever reason every time I visit this fair city, I am blown away at the line…. I kid you not there can be a line up to 500 people waiting to get a cupcake… and not just one.. some people come out with two bags full of cupcakes and those things aren’t cheap ( 2.75 each)…….. So guess what I’m doing this weekend? Yes I have become one of those people Geore Town Cupcake here I come ….. HOW DID I GET HERE ?

Sweet Video

March 23rd, 2011

Today I just decided to leave you with one of my favorite videos and I know its a sermon but I happen to like sermons….. so there :) enjoy


Movie Blogs

January 19th, 2011

I am somewhat frustrated, I am really having a hard time finding the best way to find a blog to follow. Everyone in the whole could get one, so there must be some way of finding popular blogs that people are following. But then again I am more of a indie movie kinda guy but not like sick indie where there is a naked person walking around for the purpose of art… so you see what I need to is find a specific blogger that as the same interests I do.  I guess I am asking for the impossible…. What else is new?

All I want for Christmas is a Roku Player

December 10th, 2010

This year for christmas I think I am going to ask for a new roku player. Yes I am a tech nerd kinda guy so anyone who doens’t desire to read about new sweet technologies that are changing the face of the planet as we know it … please leave now.

So a Roku player is this sweet looking box that allows you to stream Netflix video to it. This is a big hit for us college kids who hate getting up and picking out movies… everything is there for you. Forget about downloading movies and buying them from the store, everything is right there for you. Now of coarse not every movie ever made is streamed to this box, but you’d be surprised how many new and old are available for instant streaming. Ig to my parents to get one last year and it has completely revolutionized they way we watch movies.Now, I’m not sure about your family but mine watches movies out the wazoo. And me being the only person that knows anything about technology in our family I am usually the one that has to get everything set up… how lame… So after getting this we have a ton of new movies to watch whenever we want, and as we watch films other suggestions are given to u based on our preferences. HOW AMAZING !!!!!  So now I want my own… Now if anyone knows about the Netflix steaming deal you also know that it will stream to an xbox of PS3 aswell… But for me when it comes to technology they less distraction I have from home work the better.. So I will just stick to the movies and let all my other friends by the expensive systems thanks…

The Freshman, J-Term….. Never seen together…

November 22nd, 2010

When I was first coming to Messiah I came across this event right after Christmas break we like to call J-Term. You pick one class and go to it everyday for three weeks. This gives you a chance to take a class( that you usually don’t wanna take) out of the way in a short period of time. It also helped me a lot, since I am the poster child for ADD it’s nice to be able to  focused on one hard subject for a short period of time, as opposed to many hard subjects extended over a 3 month period.

My roommate (first year) has been trying to convince me for weeks that J-Term is just not the thing for him and he would rather go home. He is an idiot. Why??? What a stupid move.

1. He also is considering taking 18 credits next semester!!! 18 !!WHAT…

Whats worse is it’s the spring semester which means every class is longer… I don’t care if it’s 15 min or 30 min … it’s still longer…. and believe me you can tell…

I am already looking at the clock every 5 min in my 45 min classes and now he is telling me that he can go 15 – 30 min longer for 6 classes a week!!! GOOD GEIFF …

Yes I have been watching Charlie Browns Christmas… let me have my fun…

You freshman, I know coming home for Christmas break is really nice and all… and I know how nice it sounds to take ALL OF JANUARY OFF ….but here is the deal J Term is really something you should consider. It’s a relaxing time for you to get one class done and see a lot more of your friends. Plus most of the time it snows during J Term so that always a perk. But believe me it’s worth it. And it makes you spring semester so much easier. For example, I am a Junior taking a J- Term class and since I have done so every year since freshman year I can take 15 credits for spring semester. But since I am taking a J-Term class I only have to take  12 credits for the spring. Yes I said 12 !!!!! two classes a day seems nice Eh ??? Right so do yourself a favor get in a J Term class you won’t regret it. Oh and by the way there are a lot more people taking J Term classes then you think. Good Luck

Why so many Churches?

September 8th, 2010

I’ve been going to Messiah College for three years now, I try and go to church each Sunday. My usual spots are either LifeCenter, or Christ Community Church. They are just my churches of choice. Now both these churches have at least 4000 members in attendance. My problem is that everyone at school has no idea what these churches are, and these are not freshman, these are Junior and Seniors going to church every week just like me. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! There is a church in our area with 4000+ members and you haven’t even heard of it? Then they took it further to say that they also go to a church that has a similar congregation size.  This is ridiculous why are there so many huge churches in Harrisburg? This got me many churches are there… WARNING you might wanna go get something to hold onto before you view this picture….