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messiah college office of marketing and pr now presents…

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008


peary manilow vintage.jpg

limited engagements available (he’ll probably be thrown away by friday due to the heat).

this special concert series brings back all the favorite hits from the good old days, such as:

looks like we made it (into a fruit salad)
can’t take my leaves off of you
she’s a starfruit
rags to ratatouille
raindrops keep falling on my stem
it never rains in southern california (which is why i’m leaving)
there’s a kind of blush
baby, it’s cold outside
the long and winding row
bluer than blueberries
and of course:

don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity! visit old main 3rd floor to meet with singer and song writer peary manilow!

wardrobe, make-up, and hairdresser-brandie stonge
song writers-mackenzie martin, dan custer, barry manilow

a dream come true

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

last week i went over to my friend isaac’s house for dinner and to play in the back yard. it’s always a new adventure…that day it was a river. for some reason he wanted to create a river in the back yard down by the sand box. he liked it…but his parents didn’t seem to be too excited about it.

as the afternoon/evening continued, he decided he wanted to go for a drive. when isaac says he wants to go for a drive, he doesn’t mean he wants his parents to chauffeur him around central pa. he wants to drive his power wheels truck!
power wheels.jpg
i was always envious of the kids in the commercials who had a power wheels car or truck. they always looked like so much fun. the idea of a kid driving was astounding. no longer did you have to wait till you were 16. you could have the enjoyment of driving even at a young age. It was awesome. But as the years passed, no power wheels truck arrived. it soon became clear that my childhood dream of driving one of those bad boys would never come true. then, a miracle occurred. his dad, scott (you remember him b/c he designed the new award winning messiah college homepage), turned to me and asked how much i weighed. at first i was a bit offended (not really), but then i saw what he was thinking. perhaps i still could realize my dream!as i hopped into the power wheels i realized that these things really aren’t made for adult sized people. in order to hit the gas pedal i had to reach down and use my hand. the rest is history. with isaac in the bed of the truck and me all sprawled out in the driver’s and passenger’s seats, we were burnin’ rubber and takin’ names. so thank you isaac, for making a dream come true. IMG_5304.jpgIMG_5315.jpgIMG_5307.jpg


all of these photos were taken by lisa trobaugh. thanks lisa!