An empty suitcase..

As I sit here writing this first post I’m folding up my clothes and getting ready to pack them away.  My empty suitcase is waiting; open as if eager to receive the objects I’m about to put in.  Strangely enough I feel similar to my suitcase, I’m waiting for my adventures in Cyprus to begin, waiting to fill myself with the experiences and lessons that await me.  At Messiah I’m entering my senior year as a History Major, the moment of truth is nearly at hand.  What to do after graduation is the main issue for me.  I hope to attend graduate school and pursue my interest in archaeology and history.  I look forward to working with the members of Cyprus Seekers in the next three weeks and keeping all my readers updated during our stay in Cyprus.  This trip will be a jumping point for me to learn so much about my future career choice, I just need to make sure that I take advantage of it.  Throughout my time in Cyprus and the remainder of my time at Messiah I need to remain open and eager to accept anything that will help my in my journey, just like the empty suitcase that awaits me now..

Getting Ready!

As the time for Cyprus draws near, I’ve noticed that my world at Messiah College is about to take a unique turn. I am currently a Junior who is deciding between a Bible and History Major. This confusion stems from my love of Biblical Studies which help in my spiritual life. However, History fascinates me because it gives a cultural context to interpret certain themes within the text. I am hoping that Cyprus can help me in figuring out a way to uniquely tie the two disciplines into a single, coherent entity which I hope to be my future career. Questions such as how will I really find what I’m looking for plague me before I depart for Cyprus, but I think right now is not the time to worry. I keep my head up to see that I am heading to what the ancient world thought of as a paradise. An island in the Mediterranean with nothing but great weather. What could be better? Only two more weeks, and we are off. The Cyprus Seekers will be searching for their callings in life, and we’ll interview a diverse spectrum of people to see how they arrived where they thought to be and why.