There’s already less than a week left in this whirlwind of a trip.  So much has happened, I’m not sure where to pick up.  We’ve been busy as bees working away at the museum.  There seems to be a never ending supply of ancient pottery that needs to be washing, cataloged, and photographed.  Luckily I think we’ve been able to experience every part of this work.  We’ve learned so much about the archaeological process.  The thing I enjoy the most from this trip is the closeness we have with the senior staff members.  They’re always willing to talk to us about our futures in Graduate school or any type of academic query we have.  Everyone is always willing to help teach us about the process and support us in everything we do.  All the work we’ve been doing has caused the days to fly by so quickly.  I can’t believe how much we’ve learned.  There’s still time left for more learning and experiences.  Until later!