Today I was sitting in the lobby of our hotel at Petrou Brothers planning some interviews with my fellow Seekers when I began a very serious conversation with my supervisor, Dallas.  I told him how I was unsure about my future academic career.  Considering the poor job market for PhD’s and the competitiveness of graduate schools, I am currently considering alternatives such as law school.  Dallas informed me that he had pondered the same options and found himself in the exact situation when he was an undergrad.  He proceeded to relay the advantages and disadvantages of law school as well as graduate school.  I must admit I was a bit shocked to hear some of what he had to say.  He was both encouraging and realistic throughout the entire conversation.  There is a lot of information to process concerning my future, but I have learned one very important thing from this conversation: do what interests me and will provide a fulfilling vocation.   I am definitely already learning a lot on this trip, about my interests and my future.