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In preparation for celebrating Messiah College’s Centennial, we are collecting 100 years of memories from alumni, current and former parents, students, employees, and community friends.

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Who was your favorite Messiah professor?

November 10th, 2009

“Students are more than a number at Messiah. Our class sizes allow for great professor-student interaction.”

When you first come to Messiah, this is one of the first things most prospective students hear. Little did you know that by the time your college experience came to its end, you would understand exactly what those admissions counselors and student diplomats were talking about! Faculty at Messiah are much more than mere educators who walk in and out of your life. They become friends for a lifetime.

As Thanksgiving grows nearer, remember those professors who most impacted you. Share with us who they were and what ways he/she helped to shape your future.

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One Response to “Who was your favorite Messiah professor?”

  1. Bill Waugh Says:

    Al Long became my favorite professor as I struggled to learn Greek. When I flunked my 3 term Greek final I knew that I would not be able to take Greek exegesis class as I was a senior. Al called me into his office and said he couldn’t understand how I could have failed. He offered me a chance to do it over the next day. Needless to say, I studied hard all night and took the test and passed. Al demonstrated grace to me.

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