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In preparation for celebrating Messiah College’s Centennial, we are collecting 100 years of memories from alumni, current and former parents, students, employees, and community friends.

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Tell us about your memories of Old Main

January 7th, 2009

Some of you lived, worshipped, and ate in Old Main. Others visited their professor’s office here, and still others only come to Old Main when they visit Messiah for the first time. Tell us about your memories of the most historic building on campus.

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2 Responses to “Tell us about your memories of Old Main”

  1. H. Lamar Rissinger '52 Says:

    My senior year I had the privilege to be a waiter for the family style evening meal in the basement of Old Main. Many times as students, money was short and we were hungry. As waiters we helped to put the leftovers back in the cooler, the pantry had a ground outside door that was bolted with a slide bolt. If the leftovers were especially delicious, several of us would put a sack of potatoes or crate of veggies against the outside door so when the night watchman checked by pushing against the door it did not move. Our plan worked well on many occasion, cooks wondered where the food went. All was well until the Revival came to school and one of our co-thieves, went to the altar and confessed for all of us!!!

  2. H. Lamar Rissinger '52 Says:

    On one occasion, rooming on the third floor of Old Main, we played a trick on one very conservative brother. One student went out on the ledge next to the brother’s window, flashed “movie lights” (a bar with very bright lights for taking home movies)on and off, at the same time another played the trumpet in the hallway.
    The brother jumped from his top bunk and rushed into the hallway; he thought that the second coming had come and he missed it!!

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