And we’re off!!!!!!!!

In 15 minutes we will embark on our cross-country venture! The car is packed, and yes…everything fits. We’re excited and a bit anxious about the 40 hour road trip ahead. It’s going to be quite an adventure!!! Pray for our safety and sanity as we head off to the Grand Canyon. Hopefully there will be more updates to come from the road depending on when we can find our next internet connection.

Peace out, PA!

2 Responses to “And we’re off!!!!!!!!”

  1. Cindy Agoncillo Says:

    Have an amazing roadtrip!
    Question: was it an intentional decision for your team name to have the same acronym as a certain first-year required course?

  2. ck1229 Says:

    Where would you get that idea…?
    <3 CCCers