Around the World

April 12th, 2012

The boy came home the other day and informed me that his application for the cross-cultural trip next January was accepted and that he’ll be spending January 2013 in…. (wait for it)….

New Zealand!

I don’t know which of my emotions is most strong right now… joy for him, or sheer jealousy. I know, you thought I’d say I was afraid to let him go half way around the world. (Well, this is the kid who also informed me that New Zealand is really all the way around the world because if you went any further you’d be less than half way around the world away from home. Why is he not in the pre-law program? he’s always been a whiz using semantics to prove his point!) So, anyway, No. I’m not afraid. I trust him with a group from Messiah more than I’d trust him traveling to New Zealand with ME! Those trips are so well planned, details arranged, safety enforced… he’s going to have a great time.

And he’s going without mom…